No organization can do everything alone

Why do difficult if you can work together

Bravinci believes that organizations should collaborate more with other parties, in innovative ecosystems. In the current age of disruptive change, we need to move to innovative organizational principles. Principles in which cooperation with chain partners, governments, consultants, universities and even competitors is the guiding principle. By putting various parties together, by letting them work together in all their diversity and by sharing knowledge, innovation and collective intelligence are more likely to emerge. Within such an ecosystem, you utilize greater resolution and that is what Bravinci believes in.

CM Partners

Contract Management. Grip on contracts.
CM Partners is the contract management expert with the most effective approach: CATS CM®. Our training and consultancy services give contract-
and supplier management a boost, and with it, the productivity of every organisation!

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Betula Services gelooft in het samen creëren van de best mogelijke waardeketen. Tegenwoordig gaat de focus verder dan kostenbesparing. We werken samen met onze klanten om waarde toe te voegen in hun (internationale) organisatieketen. Het feit dat we in tijden van economische crisis zowel ons eigen bedrijf als het bedrijf van onze klanten kunnen laten groeien, bewijst dat we het antwoord hebben op complexe problemen rond Resource Management.

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